Products and Services that Improve Patient Outcomes and Increase Revenue

Chronic Care Management--We provide a full-service turn-key program

Annual Wellness Visits--We provide customized programs

Patient Wellness with wearable technology

Revenue Management

  • Perform comprehensive patient assessments on Medicare patients and some commercial payor beneficiaries
  • Focus is on patient documentation and engaging the patient
  • This leads to more revenue and a reduction of healthcare costs
  • Increase the value of the patient
  • Document and code to the highest specificity
  • Provide the documentation to support the proper reimbursement
  • Engage the patient to be more involved in their care
  • Identify all barriers to care:  fear, financial, confusion, apathy, etc.
  • Educate the patient on how to use the healthcare system
  • Coordinate through the Primary Care Practice
  • Access all eligible care
  • Reduce the administrative burden on the practice
  • Take away as much administrative work as possible so the physician can spend time with patients.

This service is provided at no cost to the patient and no upfront costs to the practice.

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